NSMNo way in hell were the National Socialist Movement (NSM) going to try and do something in Greensboro, NC this year without someone getting in their face about it. November will mark the 30th anniversary of the day five antifa activists were gunned down opposing a Klan rally. With all of the Klansmen cleared of all wrongdoing, that was the last time the Klan was ever able to get away with that kind of violence. From what the call by North Carolina Anti-Fascists say, payback's a bitch! An email has been created to facillitate communicating with folks from out of town who have questions about housing or logistics, etc. Hit them up at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

North Carolina Anti Fascists

Close to the 30 year anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre, on August 29th, the National Socialist Movement will attempt to hold a regional conference in Greensboro, NC. As they are inviting white supremacists and fascists from all over the East Coast, North Carolina anti-racists are inviting anti-racists from all over the East Coast to join us in confronting them. We won't take this lying down.

They have avoided making this announcement public until recently, it seems, to keep
anti-racists from organizing a counter-response. The hotel where the conference is to be held has not not been announced yet, but anti-racists from across the state are making plans and getting ready. According to one white power website, white supremacists are being invited from PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, FL, AL and GA to the one-day event. According to white power websites, the conference will begin at 10am and end at 6pm, and will take place at a hotel somewhere in Greensboro.

The conference is, not coincidentally, to be held close to the 30-year anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre, where five anti-racist organizers were shot and killed by the Klan, with help from police and FBI. The choice of this date alone will surely help get TONS of pissed Greensboro folks out.

As there will be fascists from almost ten different states present, North Carolina anti-racists are inviting comrades from across the East Coast to join us in confronting white supremacists in Greensboro. Keeping these kinds of groups weak and disorganized is a key component in our larger fight to create a world without white supremacy. So tell your friends, take the day off work, and stay tuned. It is typical for fascists to keep logistical details secret until the last minute to prevent disruption or confrontation. Nevertheless, more details will be made available as soon as possible.

In solidarity,
(some of the many) North Carolina Anti-Racists