Stormfront does NOT want anyone to see this. Someone linked to an article about the latest arrest of Steven Holten for having gay sex in a public park, and it was removed, the only thing remaining is a line published on Google saying "Are we going to start posting news articles on every skinhead or WN, who also happens to be a degenerate scumbag? I've never even heard of this guy." Well, aside from the fact that there's a little bit of redundancy in that comment, we most certainly will, even if the guy granted us an interview back in November. To be honest, this is not something we want to bust Aryan Nation's Steven Holten's chops about. Relatively speaking, this whole gay sex in a public park thing is tame compared to other things Aryan Nations associates have done in the past - and present (see Edgar Steele). But there's that little hypocritical thing about this story that keeps getting to us! Hey, it's something that Holten has to deal with, but as evidenced by the Stormfront thread deletion, it's not making him look good among his fellow white nationalists.

The former self-proclaimed leader of the Nevada Aryan Nations was one of six men netted in a police sting Friday by detectives investigating public sex in a Sparks park.

Sgt. Aaron Leary said the Sparks Police Crime Suppression Unit conducted the sting at Glendale Park, 399 Coney Island, after citizens complained to the department about lewd conduct occurring in the bushes, near the bike path.

Leary said each incident with the men occurred in heavy foliage, feet from the bike path as numerous people were accessing the area. Some of the men exposed themselves, he said.

Steven J. Holten, 46, who suffers from AIDS, was booked into the Washoe County Jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct and later released on bail. This was the second time since 2005 he had been arrested in a Sparks park related to sexual conduct, records show.

Holten was convicted in 2005 of a sex offense for showing his penis to an undercover detective. Prior to that arrest, he had been imprisoned in a federal correctional facility for sending out mass e-mails in 2004 in Reno that promised murder and mayhem to minorities, gays and anyone against “white power.” He also threatened a “holocaust for our enemies” in Reno and California.

Holten, according to court records, has been suffering from AIDS for years. He claimed to be the Nevada leader of the Aryan Nations, and later denounced his affiliation during his federal sentencing for the charge of transmitting a threat.

Others cited or arrested during the sting were:

* Russell Wescott, 52, of Sparks, cited for disorderly conduct.

* Rigoberto Saldana, 43, Sparks, booked on suspicion of open and gross lewdness

* Carlos Puertos, 56, Reno, booked on suspicion of disorderly conduct

* Dennis Vollmer, 52, Sparks, booked on suspicion of open and gross lewdness

* 45-year-old Sparks resident Robert Braunworth, 45, Sparks, booked on suspicion of open and gross lewdness.