Calvin LocknerAny self-respecting bonehead (we know, there aren't many if any at all, but still) are probably hopeful that they will never have to hear the name "Calvin E. Lockner" ever again. We have been on this kick lately taking note of how when it comes to all the things that WPs say black people are about, it seems to be more projection than fact! Here we have Lockner, a convicted sex-offender who last year beat a 76-year-old black fisherman, steals his truck and drives it home where thanks to LoJack police found it. While in jail he gets pissed off at a black corrections officer and throws his own feces at him, just like monkeys do. Of course, while we make light of this really effed up character, as expected because he is a white racist scumbag, conservatives like Baltimore talk show host Tom Marr felt they had to say something to deflect attention from him, and pull the old chestnut out of "why do we talk about whites when there are blacks out there". Well, Lockner will be off the street for about 31 years. A judge sentenced him last week after he pled guilty to both assaults, and all right-wingers and other assorted hatemongers can rest easy that this is one that won't embarrass them anymore as they try to demonize African-Americans, Hispanics, Arabs and Muslims, gays, and everyone else that Lockner hates. He is the Maryland prison system's problem, and if anyone is serving time with him be warned: If he had a big meal, he's armed.



BALTIMORE, Md. - Like many fishermen at Fort Armistead Park, James Privott had finished casting his lines and was packing up to head home with his wife when three men approached.

28-year old Calvin Lockner beat him about the head with a stick and stole his Chevy Tahoe unaware that it was equipped with LoJack, which would lead police to his door.

The self-professed white supremacist, who idolized Adolph Hitler, told police he didn’t like black people, and now he’s learned the punishment for the hate crime.

"Judge Williams sentenced Calvin Lockner to the 31 years in prison today," said City State’s Attorney Spokesman Joseph Sviatko outside the Mitchell Courthouse.

Sviatko says 30 years is the penalty for the armed carjacking, which will run concurrently with convictions for the assault and hate crime.

Lockner will serve an additional year for assaulting a correctional officer---throwing a cup full of urine and feces into his face while he was behind bars.

The 77-year old victim of the beating suffered a fractured eye socket, temporary blindness and missing teeth, but survived the attack.

"There was a statement read in court this morning by the defendant's attorney in which he did express some regret,” said Sviatko, “He asked for forgiveness through the written statement that was read by his attorney... asking for forgiveness, hoping that his life could be turned around and hoping that Mr. Privott's life can continue in a peaceful manner, and you can take that for what it's worth."

Another defendant, Zachary Watson, has his trial postponed Monday, because his attorney is tied up with the ongoing trial for three men accused of killer former city councilman Ken Harris.