Ugly PatMan, if there was ever a mugshot that had "LOSER" written all over it, this would be it. South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action provides the latest on Ye Olde White Power Chopping Block, a guy who was once down with the Creativity Movement when it was called the World Church of the Creator back when he was a high school bonehead. Patrick Langballe was always worthless, however, and not even his fell Nazis want to have anything to do with him. So we can't wait to hear what they have to say now that he is probably going to jail for breaking into a gas station to steal lottery tickets. Once again, that's breaking into a gas station to steal lottery tickets.


South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action

Another bonehead causing trouble in the local white supremacist scene for a long time has found himself in the papers again. Patrick Langballe, who began his white power organizing while attending New Trier High School as the “White War Commission”, is a former member of the now splintered World Church of the Creator(WCOTC) who did several years prison time having been convicted of multiple hate crimes. His recent arrest for breaking into a gas station to steal instant lottery tickets is just the latest on his list of embarrassing antics which caused him to get kicked out of the local Blood and Honour’s C-18 division (denoted by the sloppy “28″ B&H tattoo on his forehead). Rumor has it he received the boot because he was giving C-18 tattoos to non-members, making C-18 more public than they wanted by making business cards, joking about having sex with children, talking trash about other local nazis, and most importantly, providing us(ssARA) with intel on people within his own movement(thanks again). According to John Alexander of C-18, Langballe was also caught smoking weed with a person of color(apparently a horrible crime in the WN world). These are things that lead to his own comrades thinking that he is one loose cannon who can’t be trusted. Let’s see how much white unity he’s finding in Cook County Jail where he has been sitting for more than three weeks now.

From TribLocal:

A Wilmette man has been charged with breaking into a gas station to steal lottery tickets. 

 Patrick Langballe, 34, of 1936 Schiller Ave., was charged recently with burglary, police said. Authorities said Langballe smashed the front door of the BP gas station, 901 Lake Ave., and stole instant lottery tickets at 1:15 a.m. on Nov. 1.

“He was identified off a video surveillance,” said Wilmette Police Sgt. Kyle Murphy. “We knew it was him. It was a matter of locating him.”

Langballe agreed to come into the Wilmette Police Department, where he was questioned and later charged, Murphy said.

He allegedly stole 70 instant lottery tickets valued at $500, Murphy said.

“There were some winners,” Murphy said. “But he didn’t successfully cash them in.”

Bond was set Dec. 6 and Langballe was given a Dec. 20 court date at Skokie courthouse.

Langballe could not be reached for comment.