Kyle McKee
ATB-Canada (On Blood & Honour); pitbull-A.G. (on Stormfront)
July 6, 1985
Calgary, AB CANADA

Kyle Robert McKee isn’t really much to look at. His face would be familiar to most research lab workers as being reminiscent of Rattus norvegicus, but as he now lives in Alberta we know that he must be biologically human. His body appears to be that of captured POW at the end of a forced death march. Intellectually, based on the writing that his current girlfriend hasn’t edited, indicates that he is functionally illiterate. However, despite all these shortcomings(and one other that we’ll mention later) McKee has managed to get himself in the news with relative consistency over the past 6 years as a result of his antics.

McKee first made headlines when he and his then roommate Nathan Touchette were living in Kitchener, Ontario. McKee and Touchette made the news as a result of flying a Nazi flag from the window of their apartment, much to the consternation of both the neighbours outside the converted house as well as the other tenants of the apartment. While the police were able to convince them to stop flying the flag on April 19, 2005, they couldn’t stop McKee and Touchette from throwing a birthday bash on April 20 for Hilter, bash being the operative word as they damaged the apartment so badly that the entire house needed to be condemned. There were arrests made at the time, however it was never reported if McKee or Touchette were amongst those arrested.

It was also during this time that McKee and Touchette told the media they were planning on moving to Calgary to take advantage of the jobs in construction (both men were drywallers). This information was met by a pronouncement by the then mayor of Calgary that people like McKee and Touchette were not welcome in the city. Unfortunately, they came anyways.

Their time in Calgary was fairly brief with Touchette leaving after a few months and McKee following soon after, though he was reported to have spent time in the Calgary Remand Centre on charges related to possessing a weapon. McKee returned to Kitchener-Waterloo where he attempted to create a racist gang but he met with no success. By 2006 he was back in Calgary where he was more successful in establishing what would soon be known as the Aryan Guard which was co-founded by McKee, Dallas Price and Robert Reitmeier.

The Aryan Guard was never very large, consisting of a handful of members and a larger number of teenage hanger-ons, but they became the focus of the mainstream media when they started posting fliers to try and recruit members. A rally for tolerance organized in 2007 was met by a small group of Aryan Guard members, McKee included, who staged a counter-protest. Later on they organized their own protests, of which the March 21, 2008 and 2009 “White Pride” marches have garnered the most publicity.

Now, one would think that McKee would get a hell of a lot of support from the other White supremacists in Canada for the publicity he has achieved. Certainly Paul Fromm has lauded McKee whom he has referred to as a, “political leader” and “charismatic.” Such is not the case however, as others in the White Power movement see McKee and his mall rats as a huge embarrassment. In 2008 it was publicized that McKee had made a sex tape with a married woman while his own 16 year-old girlfriend was pregnant. The videos and pictures were eventually leaked to the public (we saw the pictures, and this is the other shortcoming we had mentioned earlier that we would touch on later). Members were also accused of engaging in underage sex, rampant drug and alcohol use and other activities deemed deviant by the larger Movement. The result has been that the Aryan Guard has been ostracized by their, well, peers. It has also resulted in two significant splits; the first is when Reitmeier left to form Western European Bloodlines and the second was as a result of a fight between McKee and John Marleau. Throughout this time the Aryan Guard bled members, leaving only McKee of the original members.

We can laugh McKee off as a joke. He is. Unfortunately he is also a dangerous joke. McKee has been arrested on numerous occasions for assault. The most significant charge was when he attempted top kill a member of W.E.B. and his girlfriend (a woman who used to date Marleau) in an IED attack. The target of the attack managed to get the pipe bombs off his porch moments before they went off. A search of McKee’s residence by police found bomb making materials and weapons. McKee and his alleged accomplice fled the city. They were almost captured outside Regina, Saskatchewan but managed to escape. The 17 year old alleged accomplice was taken into custody outside a small city in Manitoba. McKee was captured a little over a month after the bombing in Winnipeg. Despite what appeared to be a mountain of evidence though, the Crown Prosecutor dropped attempted murder charges in a plea agreement that had McKee plead guilty to lesser charges.

McKee is also suspect in an equally serious crime. In November, the residence of Jason and Bonnie Devine was attacked. Individuals wearing ski masks and wearing black broke into the home in the early hours and assaulted both Jason and a friend who was staying with him, resulting in serious injuries to both. Earlier, Devine had been flyering in the area of McKee’s suspected residence about his presence in the neighborhood. McKee is strongly suspected of having been involved in this home invasion.

Kyle McKee has been very lucky so far not to have faced the full force of the law. This has made him increasingly bold and we don’t doubt it will eventually catch up with him in a big way. Our only fear is who might be harmed before that happens.