HL MenckenThe paleoconservatives (a/k/a suit-and-tie Nazis) that you see in the DC area are a rather tight circle, so whenever you see one at a conference, you pretty much see them all. If you had ever been to a American Renaissance (AmRen) or Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) Conference, it will be the same people each and every time. The problem is, that will include the elected officials and conservative pundits that work with this crowd, and frankly any time white supremacists are that close to powerful people, that's a problem. In recent years they have trying more than ever to angle themselves that close, which is why you see fewer public rallies where they fly Nazi flags and scream "White Power!" at the top of their lungs, and instead try to hold conferences that they try to make as low key as possible so as not to generate any attention to them - which doesn't always pan out all that well when people they don't like notice and start making noise about it.

Still, there has been a marked spike in the number of those conferences. In the DC area from June - November 2011, three conferences have been planned or held, and in North Carolina the CCC Conference was held in Clemmons, NC on June 10 while the AmRen Conference was squashed in Charlotte, NC in February after hotels shut their doors to them. Now that the Youth for Western Civilization Conference at the Leadership Institute building in Arlington, VA is over, that leaves two more such conferences, one on Sept. 9-10 at the National Press Club and the Reagan Building in DC put on by the white supremacist National Policy Insitiute, and another on Nov 4-5 put on by something called the "H.L. Mencken Club" at the Holiday Inn Conference Center BWI in Linthicum, MD, just outside Baltimore.

Just like all the other conferences, the organizers and speakers have this belief that they are geneticaly superior to everyone else simply because they are White, and this will be the third outing for this particular outfit. But no matter how many different names they travel under, the names and ideals are always the same. The list of speakers include:

Peter Brimelow, the white supremacist editor of the anti-immigration, white nationalist website VDARE who is a regular at these things and will also be speaking at the National Policy Insitiute conference.

Thomas F. Bertonneau, a professor at the State University of New York College, Oswego, New York that likes to write long-winded essays romanticizing "Western (read: White) Civilization" and pines about all of us non-Whites staking our claim to society

Michael Desch, a Notre Dame professor who whines a lot abot liberals and Israel.

John Derbyshire, a writer for National Review Online who is such a consummate prick he didn't realize how pathetic he looked, not even when people all over the country told him how pathetic he looked, when he tried to tell Black law students at the University of Pennsylvania that they were genetically inferior due to their race.

F. Roger Devlin, a writer known for taking misogyny to a whole new level with articles that attack women on a regular basis, especially those who express any sort of sexual freedon. And to stay with the theme of racial politics, he percieves some sort of revolt against marriage, which he further believes is a white phenonemon,  and that "It would behoove racially conscious whites, therefore, not to ignore the sexual side of the revolt against our civilization, nor shortsightedly to limit our attention to the single issue of miscegenation."

Paul Gottfried, the H.L. Mencken Club president and a professor at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania who in addition to the usual crying about non-White immigration and Black people, is best known for his whining about neo-conservatives that he feels gives non-Whites too much of a pass. He's probably the reason this conference is titled "Rethinking the Conservative Canon"!

Henry Harpending, a geneticist at the University of Utah who makes himself available to those promoting eugenics for some degree of credibility.

E. Christian Kopff, a professor at the University of Colorado whom the Southern Poverty Law Center notes has written for The Occidental Quarterly, a far-right race journal, and Social Contract, an anti-immigrant hate publication.

James Kurth, a professor at Swarthmore College here in our stomping grounds of Philadelphia, PA who has been pushing the notion of whites building this country, and not allowing it to anyone else.

Stanley Payne, a retired historian of modern Spain and European Fascism at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and if he is speaking at THIS thing, one can imagine the position this so-called "conservative stalwart" has on the matter.

Keith Preston, the fascist in anarchist clothing that is also speaking at the National Policy Instiute conference

Dick Spencer, Executive Director of the National Policy Insititute, co-founder of the HL Mencken Club and all around racist POS.

Steve Sailer, a writer who decided to start rebranding eugenics as "human biodiversity" or HBD. That has made him an icon with the eugenics crowd.