Josh SteeverJosh Steever is getting a lot of attention these days, not just because he married the niece of Patrick Swayze, but also because his usual idiocy he is best known for. The problem with that is he might be taking things too far. First off, you know that the WP scene is in some serious disarray if a clown like Steever is able to rise to a leadership position of a multistate organization. A few years back, Steever founded the Aryan Terror Brigade (ATB), which basically meant that Steever found a bunch of people around the country who are even more of a reject than he is! Not only that, but (and this REALLY says the WP scene is in trouble) he managed to get ATB a part of the neo-Nazi bonehead network Blood and Honor! So you have this whole crew of Steever wannabes who try to pick fights with more established and (relatively speaking) "respectable" crews, and no one thinks anything could go wrong? Well, apparently it did, since Blood and Honor is cutting ATB loose after way too many incidents. And apparently they are not the only ones. Danielle Swayze may be doing the same!

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Josh Steever, who founded the neo-Nazi organization Aryan Terror Brigade (ATB) and most recently married the niece of the late actor Patrick Swayze, has lost not only his wife but his organization, which has been falling apart for weeks, and lost the support of a major neo-Nazi network.

"After much deliberation, constant warnings to Josh himself and talks within the broader Blood and Honour USA movement we have collectively decided to distance ourselves from the Aryan Terror Brigade and it’s founder Josh 'Hatchet' Steever," read a statement from an unidentified person within Blood and Honor USA which went on to note various threats and trash talk towards members of that network.

In addition, Danielle Swayze returned to Facebook yesterday and changed her relationship there from "married" to "single". Swayze married Steever in August, but both of their Facebook accounts were deleted soon after the National Enquirer reported on the marriage. In a post on the page she expressed why it all ended after two months.  "I DO NOT NEED AN OBSESSIVE ASSHOLE THREATENING ME CONSTANTLY OR THROWING PITTY PARTIES," she wrote.
ATB has lost several members in recent weeks, many of them going to a crew called the Old Glory "Skins", but is still recruiting members particularly in Florida as former members of that state's chapter of American Front (AF) have severed their ties to join ATB.
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By Blood and Honor

After much deliberation, constant warnings to Josh himself and talks within the broader Blood and Honour USA movement we have collectively decided to distance ourselves from the Aryan Terror Brigade and it’s founder Josh “Hatchet” Steever. Josh would like to place all the blame on me since I have been the messenger however this decision was voted on by every Blood And Honour crew and chapter in the United States (including other higher ups in Aryan Terror Brigade) and there was not one vote in his favor.

Over the past years Josh has been publicly and privately talking shit on anyone and everyone in the white nationalist community meanwhile doing nothing for white nationalism himself. His idea of our Blood and Honour movement has been a constant ‘warfare’ against various crews and people who he deemed had wronged him personally or verbally harmed whatever girl he was dating online at the time. Every few weeks a new ‘enemy’ would pop up of which Josh would ‘green light’ (tell ATB members to do physical harm to said person). This ‘green lighted’ person 9 times out of 10 had said and done nothing and Josh had created the drama himself on the internet or out of thin air in his head. All of us had warned him to stop the antics on numerous occasions because Blood and Honour is not someone’s personal army to fight Josh’s personal battles, most of which Josh created himself. During this time Josh was gathering ATB patch holders by sending patches through the mail and telling people they were Blood And Honour while never meeting most of them in person. As he was sending out patches like candy, in his mind he was building a mini-personal army that theoretically could ‘have his back’ whenever his shit talking went too far. It has been obvious to many for a long time that Josh is not a white nationalist, Josh is a gang banger who uses the 28 USA name to back up his shit talking and to recruit members for the Aryan Terror Brigade. The Aryan Terror Brigade is not a democracy, it is a totalitarian dictatorship with Josh as the leader and he uses his patch holders to wage his internet drama campaigns of ‘terror’. This insanity has been the topic of many jokes in the white nationalist community and Blood And Honour for quite some time. As all of this was going on we all warned Josh and tolerated his antics simply because we thought he had a good heart, times changed...

Recently Josh “Hatchet” Steever declared war on two crews, the North Carolina based Old Glory Skins and the national crew Vinlanders. These ‘wars’ that he declared are laughable to our social clubs however what is scary is that Josh made up all of the drama and perceived issues between the clubs out of thin air. Josh perceived that Old Glory Skins were ‘stealing his members’ in reality people were ‘jumping ship’ from the Aryan Terror Brigade. I personally spoke to Josh on the phone and explained that OGS was in fact not ‘stealing his guys’. Josh said ‘all was fine’ and we ended our talk. Within 5 minutes he had called various ATB patch holders stating that he and his club were boycotting OGS, Blood And Honour USA and specifically our ISD memorial event. He has since changed his story and is stating that he boycotted the show because ‘all we care about is profits’. This is another laughable quote from Josh considering there was NO FEE for attendees for the ISD memorial event and our club has lost money everytime we have held a concert. He also declared ‘war’ on the Vinlanders after his girlfriend and he got into an internet fight about a VSC patch holder. Josh’s sanity is most definitely in question. After talks between leaders of both crews we have decided to have nothing to do with both Josh “Hatchet” Steever and the Aryan Terror Brigade. Subsequently he has ‘green lighted’ myself and various members of Blood and Honour USA stating that he is going to ‘kill us and take over Blood and Honour USA’. Again, Josh doesn’t realize that Blood and Honour cannot be ‘taken over’. It isn’t about me, him or anyone else, Blood and Honour is about Blood and Honour, not one individual.

Now in the past months things have come to light regarding Josh “Hatchet” Steever and a particular interview that he did regarding the arson case of a 28 USA member in Arkansas. The interview that Josh gave the federal agents is in ‘discovery’ for the trial. People have been asking to see it and Blood and Honour has been holding onto it to see how things would pan out in the trial. It seems that almost everyone involved in the trial is ratting on each other in a desperate attempt to save themselves. All of Blood and Honour USA have collectively decided to release this information to the white nationalist movement at large (the Vinlanders already have posted it on another forum). If this wasn’t enough recently two members of Blood and Honour USA living several states apart were visited by federal agents on the same evening, the topic of discussion was Josh “Hatchet” Steever.

Josh can claim that we ‘betrayed’ him or that we are ‘lying’, ‘power hungry’, ‘profiteers’ or whatever descriptive he would like to throw at us but the fact of the matter is Josh Steever betrayed Blood and Honour.