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Kevin MacDonald
California State University, Long Beach
CS# 06110076

The suit-and-tie Nazis known as paleoconservatives love to be in with the politicians, but more than that they are very fond of people in the academic profession that can lend some credence to their hate propaganda. The problem is these same academics in the name of furthering that propaganda may be putting themselves in the realm of academic fraud as they do, and very seldom do they ever get called on it. We just might have to take a few shots in that regard in the direction of Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, board member of the white supremacist Charles Martel Society, and co-founder of the White supremacist political party American Third Position (A3P). When you deal with anti-Semitic propaganda in particular, you are dealing with seriously thick nonsense that can be shut down quickly and completely. When you do it hiding behind your credentials as a professor, it should cause people to wonder why a university would want to be associated with you, and especially why you haven’t been called to task over it all. We are among those people.

Let us start from the beginning. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, MacDonald was born to a Roman Catholic family, but abandoned his Catholicism when he became one of those flower power hippie types of the sixties who protested the Vietnam War. It was around this time when he also started on his anti-Semitic road when according to him he started to “notice” East Coast Jewish influences in these circles. This morphed into feeling that the Jews among him was using Gentiles as tokens for their nefarious leftist needs or whatever and by the eighties, long after he broke from leftist politics, he blossomed into a full-on paranoid anti-Semitic propagandist. It was also pretty convenient that he was a college professor by this time, because now he can pretend that propaganda is mere scholarly work. He started with his 1994 publication A People that Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, which he followed up with two other books, Separation and its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (1998), and The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998).

The obsession people like Kevin MacDonald has with blaming Jews for everything wrong – or what they feel is wrong – with society is pathological to the point of being a caricature. You can see how much of one that is in the 2005 documentary on the anti-immigration Minuteman Project titled Line in the Sand produced by the late white supremacist filmmaker Bryan Jost who died of a heroin overdose in 2010. In it, MacDonald tries to make the case that today’s immigration policy is due to the machinations of Jews who he says wanted to upset the ethnic balance in the country when they started to come here from Eastern Europe with their poverty and radical politics. “Beginning actually early in the 20th Century, there were attempts at even in the 1890s to shut down immigration,” he said. “Jewish activist organizations were at the forefront of keeping it open, and of course their main interest in those years was to get more Jews over here from Eastern Europe.”

The truth is you can go back a little farther than the 1890s, because the Native American Party, a/k/a the “Know-Nothings” 1843. And Jews were not the issue. The Know-Nothings had beef with Germans and especially Irish Catholics, whom they believed were controlled by the Pope. We suppose that although your surname is the Scottish “MacDonald” you grew up in a Roman Catholic family, and not only does that work well in your propaganda, you also most certainly do not want to mention that to your target audience.

As we noted however, the bigger problem with MacDonald is how he has weaved what would otherwise be considered anti-Semitic propaganda into what he purports to be a legitimate and academic search for truth. Worse, a number of people have stepped forward to charge MacDonald with misrepresenting the sources he uses to draw the conclusions he has come to in his writings. The authors of those sources are among those that are the most vocal.

Dr. Barry Mehler is a Fenris State University history professor who as founder of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism (ISAR) has made a habit out of successfully discrediting racists and bigots using academia as one of their tools.  In 1998, MacDonald ended up on his radar when he authored a paper titled Jewish involvement in influencing United States immigration policy, 1881-1965: A historical review.  Just as he did in Line in the Sand, MacDonald maintained his belief that Jews have an interest in opposing ethnically homogeneous societies where they are minorities. Mehler made an example out of this paper by taking particular issue with how MacDonald used his sources . Case in point:  a quote from a 1969 dissertation by Sheldon Morris Neuringer titled American Jewry and United States immigration policy, 1881-1953 noted that Jewish opposition in 1921 and 1924 to the anti-immigration legislation at the time was due more to it having the “taint of discrimination and anti-Semitism” as opposed to how it would limit Jewish immigration. MacDonald twisted that into something else when he wrote,  “…Jewish opposition to the 1921 and 1924 legislation was motivated less by a desire for higher levels of Jewish immigration than by opposition to the implicit theory that America should be dominated by individuals with northern and western European ancestry.” It’s kind of like the morons these days on the internet that like to repeat the “Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White” slogan coined by white supremacist Ed Fields. In this case, the “taint of discrimination and anti-Semitism” is code for anti-White.  “It seems to me,” Mehler wrote, “Mr. MacDonald is misrepresenting Mr. Neuringer in this case and I posted my query hoping that a historian familiar with the literature might have a judgment on MacDonald's use of the historical data.

In 2001, David Lieberman, a Holocaust researcher at Brandeis University, went after MacDonald as well. He wrote a paper entitled Scholarship as an Exercise in Rhetorical Strategy: A Case Study of Kevin MacDonald's Research Techniques, where he made the point that MacDonald suggesting that Judaism be looked at as an "evolutionary strategy”, and anti-Semitism similarly looked at as a response to that strategy falls rather short of being a scholarly pursuit for truth – and that was being nice.  He noted in particular author Jaff Schatz’s objection to how MacDonald used his work in his trilogy of books to further his oft-repeated notion of how Jewish self-identity validating anti-Semitic sentiments and actions. Schatz is the author of The Generation: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland, which, as the title suggests, was a look into the history of those members of the Communist Party who were in fact Jewish. This was very useful to MacDonald, as Lieberman writes:

“At issue, however, is not the quality of Schatz's research, but MacDonald's use of it, a discussion that relies less on topical expertise than on a willingness to conduct close comparative readings. From this perspective, one can see MacDonald exerting considerable effort to force Schatz's work into a close fit with his own thesis, which requires not only that there be evidence of reprehensible conduct on the part of Jewish communists in Poland, but that there also be evidence that Jewish communists used their power to secure the interests of Jews (as opposed to the interests of communists) at the expense of the interests of ethnic Poles. Toward this end, MacDonald adopts a citation practice characterized by misleading paraphrases and significant omissions, consistently misrepresenting Schatz in order to bolster his own thesis.”

Lieberman was far from done with MacDonald, going on to question his use as a source the long discredited Holocaust denier David Irving and even citing his publisher’s own concerns about publishing his latter two volumes of his book.  In short based on what Mehler and Lieberman has shown over a decade ago by going back and checking MacDonald’s own sources word-for-word with what MacDonald himself has written word-for word, MacDonald lied about what his sources said. That’s falsification of evidence and universities are supposed to punish faculty when they do that. Sadly, it is not always punished when it should be. Thing is, because no one decided to seriously take MacDonald to task when he should have been that allowed this scab to fester, and we all know what happens when you let a scab fester.

That brings us to American Third Position, which is born to be even more as an exercise in futility. The political party was actually started in 2009 by a California neo-Nazi crew of criminal and ex-con boneheads called Freedom 14 as the Golden State Party (GSP). Their idea when the formed this party on Stormfront earlier in the year, as their mission statement suggests, was “to advance the political interests of European-Americans, to save from destruction our unique culture, to safeguard our identity” Thing is, their efforts fighting against illegal immigration and crimes committed by black people, let alone actually being able to vote yourselves, kind of fall flat when your leader is a two-time convicted felon. When this was revealed about GSP leader Tyler Cole, who at the time was using several pseudonyms to hide this fact and even denied that he even knew one of them when reporters inquired, that caused everything to fall apart. Then some Freedom 14/GSP members attended a summer meeting of the Institute of Historical Review and met MacDonald, who by this time wanted to be more than just a university professor that kept denying he was an anti-Semite and wanted to branch out. A few months later GSP was reformed as A3P with neo-Nazi attorney William Johnson as its chairman. In January 2010 it was revealed that MacDonald became the A3P Chairman.

A3P has been able to grow, but that is as long as not only no one knows who they are but also if no one raises a stink about them -  which pretty much sums up MacDonald’s life overall. Their paleoconservative slant means that they will be more inclined to attend conferences than hold street rallies, and if they do hold rallies, they will downplay their neo-Nazi ties just a tad in the hopes that people would focus on the issues they try to address.  Often, you will see them among mainstream conservatives during such actions and events such as the “tea party” campaigns and especially the anti-immigration efforts. In 2010, the group Imagine 2050 reported that A3P Chairman William Johnson attended an anti-immigration workshop sponsored by the white supremacist Youth for Western Civilization at that year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

But MacDonald found himself with a little bit of notoriety in 2011 when he decided to write about the shootings in Oslo, Norway by a deranged gunman with ties to rightist and anti-Muslim groups and individuals. Soon after the shootings, MacDonald published an article for the blog of the Occidental Observer, a white supremacist newsletter he contributes to regularly. It was then picked up by the blog Alternative Right, which is published by white supremacist Dick Spencer, Executive Director of the National Policy Institute. In it he wrote he suggested that the violence in Norway may be the way things are to go:

"There is certainly great revulsion at the murder of young people. However, I suppose it is possible that in the long run European elites will understand that the glorious multicultural future will not be attained without a great deal of bloodletting and realize they will have to change their ways. Indeed, one of (Breivik's) insights is that in the long run 'the multi-cultural neocolonial regimes will either have imploded or have become very Stalinist.' I agree.”

Remember that his American Third Position venture was initiated by a group of criminally violent neo-Nazis, so this passage takes on a whole new meaning. Apparently that prompted antifa to raise a few eyebrows about him and A3P because they started looking into him more. Before long, the internet organization Anonymous announced that they zeroed in on several racist websites, including that of A3P and released a lot of information about the group and its members. The party long guarded this information, and now it is out there for the world to see. That might cripple A3P somewhat, but there is still the matter of what people like MacDonald is promoting in the first place. If indeed he engaged in academic fraud as it seems he has, then he needs to be held accountable for it. That should never be dismissed. And if he is now trying to further those who thinks as he does that may ultimately come to a violent end to his means, he needs to be stopped before he starts.