Well, we said that if One Life Crew was going to have their shows they will have to go through some anti-racist hoops, and sure enough the hoops are in position. It looks like that despite earlier reports, their show at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia is going on as planned on June 6 and that is not going over well with some folks. To that end, the flyer seen here (which you can right-click and save in full size) is doing the rounds both there and in OLC's hometown of Cleveland. As of right now, official plans haven't been made for protests, but they are being made, so we will give you details as we go along. Philly is going to be especially fun with the possibility of Keystone State "Skinheads" showing up. Such is how it goes when you have a scene where fenewalkers crawl around like cockroaches, but that doesn't mean absolutely no one will say or do anything about it.

One People's Project

PHILADELPHIA, PA--Anti-racist activists in are incensed that a racist, homophobic and sexist band will still be allowed to hold their reunion show as scheduled.

Originally Cleveland's One Life Crew was reported to have lost the show at the First Unitarian Church slated for June 6, but after promoters met with church head Rev. Nate Walker the show was back on. According to antifa working to oppose the show, Rev. Walker had been told that at one point the band did promote such an agenda, but was not doing so any longer.

"Reverend Nate said he will be more than willing to act as a mediator and would support a demonstration against the show, but the Unitarian Church does not censor its tenants," an activist from Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action (ARA) said.

In addition to a rather sorted history that includes getting dropped from their label because of a race riot they instigated at one of their shows, a main issue with One Life Crew has been their following among neo-Nazis, particularly given their split 7" record with white power band Empire Falls. According to a flyer being distributed by antifa, Keith Carney of Keystone State "Skinheads" (KSS) even considers the band among his favorites and may make the show at the church. "The only thing that's gonna stop these shows is the band itself," the flyer notes him saying on the KSS discussion board.

The June 5 show in Cleveland at Peabody's Café is also expected to go on as planned, but local antifa there are distributing the same flyer.