Stephen LennonWe all knew him as "Tommy Robinson" (pictured on the far right, ironically), until the English Defence League leader started getting himself locked up. We first heard of him when he was denied entrance to the United States to attend Pam Geller's anti-Mosque rally in NYC back in 2010. Well, he reportedly tried to come here again, this time with a fake passport, and now he sits in a jail cell, awaiting a trial which will not happen until 2013!

EDL News

English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, appeared before Westminster Magistrates this morning and was remanded in custody and is to appear in Southwark Crown Court in January, 2013.

Tommy has been charged with possessing fake documentation in order to travel to the United States according to a statement issued by the Metropolitan Police this afternoon and an update on his official Twitter account, thought to be run by Hel Gower. The Met have since  alleged he traveled to the US on someone else's passport.

Over the weekend, Robinson is also alleged to have organised a mob of 50 lads and a furniture removal van to target what was thought to be a Mosque in east London.

They were pulled over on the motorway en route, mass arrested and held overnight.  They were all released on bail except Tommy who was remanded, facing charges of causing a public nuisance, document fraud and assault on Sayful Islam, an Islamic preacher, who was alleged to have been attacked in the Bury Park area by six men in a BMW on Saturday morning.

Part of the fifty three's bail conditions are that they are not allowed to enter east London to protest which puts an already weak turnout forecast for this weekend's demo in Walthamstow in an even more precarious situation for the EDL.  Many of the 53 were said to have been key trusted EDL figures.

The EDL's main Facebook wall is stating that the demo is still going ahead but without key figures and leadership in attendance they face a very rocky ride.

On their last visit to Walthamstow they only manage to get 200 fascists together and were out numbered by thousands of local people who blocked their path and occupied their protest site.

Full police statement:
Stephen Lennon, (29 - 27/11/82), unemployed, of Bedford appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday, 22 October charged with possession of a false identity document with improper intention (contrary to Section Identity Documents Act 2010).