Another prominent eugenicist quack joins his ancestors - the ones on a slow long burn, that is.

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Three weeks after the death of prominent eugenicist J. Philippe Rushton, a second has followed, University of California, Berkley Professor Arthur Jensen at the age of 89. He had been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for several years.

"Arthur Jensen died on October 22," American Renaissance publisher Jared Taylor reported on the publication's website. "His family kept the event quiet, but the news has now leaked out. When a man of his stature dies, even an enemy establishment is compelled to take notice, and it will be edifying to read the flummery that is sure to appear."
Indeed, Jensen, like Rushton, has earned such "flummery" as his life's work has been to suggest racial differences in intelligence, with whites being intellectually superior to blacks.  In February 1969, Jensen published his controversial study in the Harvard Educational Review titled "How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?" where
 he estimated that 80% of the variance in IQ in the population studied was the result of genetic factors and the remainder was due to environmental influences, which he concluded was the reason why social programs like Head Start, which be felt were designed to boost intelligence levels among blacks, have failed in his assessment. 
Jensen's work has often been cited in the propaganda distributed by white supremacists such as Taylor and former Klansman David Duke. Similarly, Jensen has seen been opposed by fellow academics who have debunked his findings and others who have seen him as promoting Nazi-like ideology. He has received funds for his studies from the White supremacist Pioneer Fund, which Philippe Rushton was the head of at the time of his death, and both he and Rushton co-authored an article in 2005 where they show In 2005, Jensen's article, co-written with J. Philippe Rushton, where they attempted to show evidence in support of the notion that IQ differences between whites and blacks are partly genetic in origin.