ZilinskiSeriously, so-called White Nationalists need to concern themselves with their own and ask why so many of them are criminals.

One People's Project

A neo- Nazi who served time for burglary, has been arrested on weapons charges after police found him in possession of a handgun.

According to NJ.com, Walter S. Zilinski Jr., 39, of Carneys Point, NJ was confronted Dec. 9 inside Leanna's Tavern in Deepwater, NJ by police who discovered him to allegedly be in possession of a semi-automatic handgun. They were originally alerted by calls from Scooters Bar in nearby Pennsville that a man inside the bar was seen pointing a gun at another patron. By the time police arrive there however, he had already left enroute to Leanna's.

Zilinski is a onetime reputed member of the neo-Nazi crew the Hated, and has been in and out of prison for much of his adult life. He was sharing an Pennsville apartment with Hated members Craig Orler and Gabriel Carafa when he was arrested on theft charges. In 2005 Orler and Carafa were themselves arrested on weapons charges, but were also accused of conspiring to bomb several sites on the East Coast, including the home of One People's  Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins because of the profile the group had written about Zilinski, who was to be released in 2010. 

Zilinski was charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of hollow point bullets. He is being held at the Salem County Correctional Facility, Mannington Township, NJ in lieu of $25,000 bail.