freeHere's the latest surrounding the killing of Chris Gromberg. Rob Strong, who you might remember as the husband of Ron Paul associate Amy Strawser Strong, has been cleared of the charges he was picked up for one year ago. He was never implicated in Gromberg's murder, but police feel they have a person who just might be the one responsible. 

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PHOENIX, AZ—Charges of hindering prosecution and assisting a criminal gang were dropped against the alleged former leader of the neo-Nazi Canyon State “Skinheads” (CSS) and husband of a woman who is also an associate of neo-Nazi groups as well as Libertarian Party circles. The charges were in relation to the murder of a CSS associate in 2006 of which he had been also accused of having some participation in.

Robert Strong is back home in Virginia after spending nearly a year in Arizona to answer the charges stemming from the murder of Chris Gromberg on April 15, 2006 an independent associate of a number of bonehead crews in Arizona connected to the Vinlanders. Gromberg’s murder followed the Christmas Eve 2005 stabbing death of Canyon State “Skinheads” leader Cory Simpson at his home during a party.

According to court documents, Strong was implicated in the Gromberg murder by an unnamed source who said he was killed because he was a threat to the CSS membership and leadership. That source indicates being told this by Josh Kerns of the Vinlander Social Club (VSC), the organization under which CSS operates. In 2007, Kerns along with fellow Vinlanders Timothy Dumas and ex-RAHOWA guitarist Eric Fairburn were arrested on battery charges stemming from an attack on a homeless black man in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Strong however was never charged with the murder. He was arrested on Dec. 2, 2011 on charges that he led the CSS, but there has not been any evidence presented in the courts supporting this. In March 2012, Vinlander Toby Gaspard was arrested and charged with the Cory Simpson murder Gaspard is currently serving a 19-year sentence for second-degree murder after pleading guilty. Four months earlier, reputed Aryan Brotherhood probate David Bounds was charged with the murder of Chris Gromberg, although those charges had been dismissed in May on jurisdictional grounds and moved from Maricopa County to Mojave County. Strong was being held in the Maricopa County Jail until he was freed on bond. He remained in the state until his charges were dismissed and returned to Virginia on Dec. 3, 2012. Strong had moved to the state several years ago and lived with Amy Strawser whom he is currently married to. Strawser is a worker for Campaign for Liberty, Rep. Ron Paul’s organization.