Keelan DOyle, RIHWe missed this during this semi-hiatus we took over the past two months, but it seems that those who die young are not always good. In the interest of full disclosure, this one once said she would offer her life savings to kick DLJ "in the nads", so it's nice to start 2013 knowing karma caught up to this one.

One People’s Project

SAN DIEGO, CA - Keelan Doyle, who under the screen name “Lady Celtic” was a prominent administrator on the white supremacist website Stormfront an internet radio host, and the fiancée of former National Socialist Movement (NSM) member Jason Hiecke, has died from complications stemming from a bout with pneumonia. Posts on Stormfront indicate that she died Oct. 15, only two days after her 33rd birthday.

According to a Stormfront post from her brother Lenus on Stormfront, Doyle, who had been battling cancer for several years, says that cancer also weakened her immune system, and a cold she caught in the weeks prior to her death got worse. “She had been taken to the hospital Friday morning when she was found laying in bed unconscious and with a high fever. the phone was off the hook,” he wrote in the post. “I think she was trying to call for help. We'll never know. I was with her all weekend. She never woke up. Her lungs were far too damaged to fight off the pneumonia this time. “

Lenus however, has begun to blame Hiecke for her death, taking to her public profile on Stormfront yesterday to vent in her comments section. “I am so pissed off at how Jason treated you and by some chance, your kidney failure that weekend could have been prevented if Jason had listened to you and taken you to the hospital, instead of treating you like a dog that weekend,” he wrote. “If you hadn't needed a new kidney, you probably would still be alive today. Your body could have fought off your last bout with pneumonia. Your journals speak volumes of how Jason was towards you. I wish you had never met him. You would probably still be alive today, dear sister.”

Doyle was never an National Socialist Movement member, but she became a huge supporter after dating Hiecke while he was the New Jersey pointperson for the NSM. In 2011, Hiecke brought the NSM National Conference to New Jersey, which was met with protests by local antifa that turned into a street battle that sent four of the neo-Nazis to the hospital and two antifa to jail on charges that were later dismissed. Doyle, stayed inside with the conference during the melee, and would start complaining months later about how she and Hiecke were listed on Anti-Racist Action’s Most Wanted list.

Months later, she said in a Stormfront post that she along with Hiecke, and other NSM members went to the Mexican border and spread the ashes of NSM member Jeff Hall there. Hall was shot to death by his 10-year-old son weeks after the conference. The son’s trial is currently underway.

Doyle, while never an NSM member, always defended NSM leader against rumors that he married a woman who not only was of nonwhite descent, but also had a biracial child, saying to one person on Stormfront, “Do you honestly think Jeff would marry a woman with a half-breed?” Shortly after the NSM membership list was leaked to the public and it was revealed that the Schoep was indeed married to a woman who was part Syrian, Hiecke, who by this point was the NSM Chief of Staff, resigned. He and Doyle then formed another organization called the Advanced White Society.

Prior to this and up to her death, Doyle was prominent on Stormfront and even hosted an internet radio show through the website called “Guilt-Free Radio”. Her recovery from cancer caused her to discontinue the program in January of last year. Sometime over the past few years, she retired her “Lady Celtic” screen name and began using her first name on Stormfront.

In the post where he explained her passing, Lenus said that Doyle wished to be cremated and her ashes spread at Wild Animal Park, a zoo located in San Diego and that they were looking into purchasing a memorial tile with her name on it at the zoo. In that same post, he also reminisced fondly about how she mocked two black children they saw while visiting Wild Animal Park in their hometown of San Diego – she calling them “nigglets”. At press time, it is not known if Wild Animal Park has rejected any such tributes to a person in the past if that person is deemed controversial.