Kyle Powell and Josh SteeverMan, it's been all White Power Chopping Block all the time for the past month or so! Josh has been here before but Kyle Powell is a new one. He's popped for his part in that New Year's Eve 2011 attack of Arab men in New Jersey while Steever reportedly caught a domestic violence charge. It's like they are competing with Atlantic City "Skinheads"!

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The second-in-command of a white supremacist group who once posted on Facebook that “(A)ll n---rs need to be lynched” has pled guilty to charges that he was part of a crew of hatemongers that attacked three Middle Eastern men in New Jersey, the third person to be arrested for the crime. Meanwhile, the head of the same group currently sits in a New Jersey jail on domestic violence charges

Kyle Powell of the Aryan Terror Brigade (ATB) pled guilty today to conspiracy to commit a hate crime, charges that stem from the Dec. 31, 2011 attack that only recently saw arrests. Last month fellow ATB member Michal Gunar and Chris Ising of the Atlantic City “Skinheads” were arrested on federal charges stemming from the crime. Powell is free pending sentencing when he will face up to five years in prison.

According to the FBI, Ising was holding a New Year’s Eve “meet and greet” white supremacist event at his former residence in East Brunswick N.J. Until Powell pled today, it was known that sometime before midnight Ising and Gunar drove to an apartment complex in Sayerville, NJ with the express purpose of assaulting random, non- Caucasian individuals, located three Middle Eastern men, and attacked them, shouting anti-Arab slurs, brandishing a knife, utilizing brass knuckles and injuring two of the victims. Charges against Ising and Gunar are still pending.

While at press time details are not available on the particulars of his arrest, it has also been learned that ATB head Josh Steever is currently being held at the Middelsex County (NJ) Correctional Facility on charges that he might have either threatened or actually struck a recent girlfriend. Steever is the founder of the Aryan Terror Brigade and has had a long history of racist violence. He was also once married to Danielle Swayze, the niece of the late actor Patrick Swayze.

Powell is known on Facebook as “Kyle ATB” and he regularly posts crass, racist pictures as well as small statements childishly insulting nonwhite ethnic groups. He also regularly tries to recruit new ATB members on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront. Josh, known as “Hatchet ATB” on Facebook, regularly has his account deleted due to his promotion of Nazism. He is also best know for having the word “RACIST” tattooed on his forehead, but he had to partially remove the tattoo as a condition of his probation after an incident in California.