John StortstromIf you hang around with the likes of white supremacists like Matthew Heimbach and the American Renaissance crowd, you are going to raise flags if you are also working for the military! That's just the way it goes.

One People's Project

The  Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), the U.S. Army's elite chemical and biological research laboratory based in Maryland, has confirmed it has suspended one of their research engineers, who is also an officer with an area Republican club, pending an investigation into possible activities with white supremacist groups and indiviuals, most notably Towson University student Matthew Heimbach, who is best known for his self-styled White Student Union.

Don Kennedy, the public affairs officer for the Army at the ECBC Communications Office, told One People's Project that John Stortstrom was suspended after reports were published of his involvement with hate groups. No further comment can be made by ECBC as the investigation is still pending.

Stortstrom, a Maryland native was among 150 white nationalists, who attended the white supremacist American Renaissance conference held in early April at Montgomery Bell Park in Dickson, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. He accompanied Matthew Heimbach, who at the time was making news with "crime patrols" of the Towson University campus by members of his White Student Union, a group unrecognized by Towson University. In recent weeks, Heimbach has joined with other young white supremacists to form a new organization called the Traditional Youth Network, who's latest blog entry condemns the movie Man of Steel as "anti-white".

Stortstrom and HeimbachStortstrom was at Towson University in April when Heimbach brough American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor to speak on campus, and shouted out to one student questioning Taylor in an attempt to correct him when he said as an Italian he was not always considered white. “You were always white!” he shouted out. "Europe is white people!" In May, Heimbach spoke at a meeting of the Edgewood, MD-based Rt. 40 Republican Club of which Stortstrom serves as Vice-President. Recently the Club sponsored a fundraiser where they raffled off two AR-15s. It is not known at press time who were the winners of the raffle. The Rt. 40 Republican Club has cancelled its July meeting.

Stortstrom's position at ECBC was focused on non-lethal munitions.  “Our job is to provide engineering and chemical expertise to customers in support of obscuration, non-lethal, riot control and incendiary munitions.”  he said in a video produced by ECBC that has since been removed from You Tube. Strortstrom is also an officer in a fireworks enthusiast club called Crackerjacks.