Luk Maxwell Danny HoufekA California neo-Nazi tattoo artist and gang leader (pictured center, outside his tattoo shop wtih his employee, American Freedom Party's Luk Maxwell, on left) was memorialized last Sunday by his comrades - after he got himself killed hanging outside a Girls' Scout camp.

One People's Project

VENTURA, CA—A memorial service was held Sunday at San Buenaventura State Beach for a neo-Nazi that was shot and killed by police outside a girl scout camp as he reportedly aimed a firearm at the officers last month.

42-year-old tattoo artist Daniel Curtis Houfek was gunned down July 12 by Ventura County sherriff's deputies in a bizzare incident where Houfek was reported stalking a girl's scout camp. According to reports, after a brief vehicle pursuit, Houfek aimed a handgun at the two deputies who fired back in self-defense.

Houfek, also known as “Danny Boy,” owned and operated a tattoo parlor, dubbed Deadline Tattoo, in Ventura. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) blog, the shop was often used as a meeting place for the group he reportedly led, the Deadline Family Skins which has about two dozen members in the Santa Clarita area. Luk Maxwell, a member of the white supremacist American Freedom Party (formerly known as American Third Position, AFP) worked at Houfek's shop and appears in pictures with him.
On July 12, OjaiValley, CA deputies from the Ventura Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about a suspicious man sitting in a parked car near a Girl Scout lodge in Oak View. As the deputies approached the vehicle, it sped off and the deputies gave a brief chase. Soon the vehicle stopped and Houfek stepped out holding a handgun, The deputies reportedly fired after he aimed the handgun at them, and Houfek died of his wounds at the scene. According to reports, the investigation into the matter may take six months.

Neo-Nazi blogs and a Facebook page in tribute to Houfek have seen tributes by many in those circles, some even claiming that he was set up by the police. “They lie to frame people and when they screw up, they lie to cover their asses at the expense of the innocent people they victimize, too,” wrote one poster to the website Cops lie all the time. And Daniel, being what he was as a proud White man and in fighting for our race made himself a target for ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government).”