Erick Weigel
NAME: Erick Karl Weigel, Jr.
AKA: Erick_K_W (on Stormfront and other discussion boards, Ghost_of_Hakim (on
HOME BASE: 632 County Route #519 Belvidere, NJ (908) 475-1944
Old Address: 26 Lazarus Drive Ledgewood, NJ
Employment (as of 2007): Anchor Concrete Products, Phillipsburg, NJ

Erick Weigel is a supervisor at a "manufacturing facility" and he is constantly being called out for being a racist. "It's crazy," he wrote. "I told the company that it's discriminatory and harassment to continually accuse someone of being a racist on the job and not being able to prove it. Nothing ever comes out of it, YET, because it's BS."

Well, it isn't BS and with this entry, his co-workers will be able to prove it. Erick Weigel first became known to those familiar with him as "Erick_K_W", a regular poster on the white supremacist website Stormfront, and a well-known face among the attendees of meetings at the J.O.U.A.M. Hall in Elmwood Park, NJ. Basically that means he is an associate of those who were once NJ National Alliance, then NJ National Vanguard, then we suppose NJ Nationalist Coalition. Now New Jersey Nazis are the most fun to play with because they are pretty much afraid of their own shadows. They say they stay away from people of color by moving to neighborhoods where they are far from the non-white population (i.e., the majority population) they hate so much, but you will find them working with or for them at various times, especially since a lot of them are in the construction industry. Then there's the various boneheads that like to hook up with Hispanic women and try to make them pass for Italian, but that's another story. With all this, you are going to find a lot of the hatemongers here either trying to pretend that they are not and/or keep very close to themselves. They are also the easiest to track and shut down too, because virtually no one in the state wants them around.

For years Erick has kept his activist life particularly quiet, especially around his co-workers whom he says includes many Hispanics, but then along comes July 28, 2007 in Morristown, NJ and Erick_K_W was put smack dab in the spotlight. That was the day of an anti-immigrant rally sponsored by some outfit called the "ProAmerica Society". He, his wife Joyce, and a number of other New Jersey and New York Stormfront posters decided to participate in the rally, which was one of those mainstream affairs attended by politicians and featuring a bunch of assholes who think angrily declaring that they are not racist makes people ignore the fact that they are and have been open about it in the past. After this rally, something happened where Erick and Joyce got involved in something that hurt their feelings - among other things. A scuffle reportedly ensued and the couple say they were beaten to the point where they needed hospitalization. Another account had surfaced saying that Erick attacked a group of people he recognized as counter-demonstrators with some sort of a bat. As this case is still going through the courts, what really happened has not yet been revealed, but as these things always go, you know somehow we got blamed for it! We should note in the interest of full disclosure that Erick has particular issues with DLJ and has for a few years now. Not only was DLJ at the Morristown rally, but he was also the only one of all the counter-demonstrators that the Stormfront crowd knew, and at one point they even had a conversation with. That made DLJ the focus of all their scorn, as one can see with a rather lengthy Stormfront thread on this incident. Ah well, we are used to this kind of crap. DLJ wasn't even at the melee until afterwards.

Erick and his late wife Joyce Weigel at the Morristown anti-immigration rally, July 28, 2007. Joyce died on April 6, 2015, reportedly of a heart attack.

Anyway, with all this fanfare and hoopla, Erick ended up in the Stormfront spotlight, as well as on the websites of the ProAmerica Society and the Hazelton, PA-based anti-immigration group Voice of the People, who both gave him and his wife well wishes for recovery - along with their usual disclaimer that they didn't like racism or whatever. At least one person, William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) told him to go to Hell because according to a post by him on his website, organizers of the Morristown rally knew he and the rest of the Stormfront crew was coming and told him not to. They did anyway. "You and your kind of groups are the biggest threat to our movement that exists," Gheen wrote before locking the thread. "You did the illegal aliens and their supporters a very big favor by showing up and getting into this fray. I can't believe that you folks are doing your damned best to screw up the fine work of groups that are having success in the battle against illegal immigration that have told you time and time again to stay away. If it had truly been a Minuteman, ALIPACer, or some non racist that was assaulted, we would be pushing the illegal alien movement back nationwide over this. But instead, it was YOU Erik and now we face a political loss and a greatly increased threat of violence against those of us THAT DO NOT SHARE YOUR POLITICS"

To be square, Gheen was not at the rally himself, and as we just noted, those that were, including the organizers, gave Erick well wishes, but Gheen was the only one among the anti-immigration crowd that called him out for what he was, even if he did later on prove himself the wackjob he is, by later suggesting in a another post that white supremacists are being paid by those supporting immigration to show up!

Meanwhile, Erick and his wife were all over Infoshop, Indymedia, a few MySpace bulletins from anarchists and of course this site. Erick for his part was lapping it all up. He was even asking donations from his fellow Stormfront crowd to ease the "pain" he and his wife endured. This also just helps him to become Gheen's biggest nightmare, which is what he believes is also our biggest wet dream. He is using the incident to get more WPs out to anti-immigration events, and it worked. He organized folks on Stormfront to come out to Harrisburg, PA for the Hazelton, PA-based Voice of the People Rally that took place there on Sept. 1, 2007, and they ended up dominating the rally. It helped greatly that Voice of the People's Dan Smeriglio was pretty tight with Weigel, among other local Nazis, although he still like to play with the mainstream. The bottom fell out of that in May 2010 however, because as Smeriglio was organizing the first major rally to support Arizona's racial profiling law SB1070 rally in Phoenix, Arizona William Gheen and ALIPAC, who was one of the major sponsors of that rally and used to defend Smeriglio from the charges of associating with the white supremacist crowd, pull out of it because they were made hip to the fact that Smeriglio was indeed down with Weigel and a few other Nazis in Pennsylvania.

As for Weigel, his bottom was falling out too. Almost a month after the Morristown rally it was learned that Erick was also charged for his role in the incident! Now it was no longer about some poor little man and his wife who want immigration reform getting beaten up by those who are against them, which neo-Nazi and mainstream anti-immigration groups promoted their situation as. Now he is seen as just as culpable as anyone else involved. Erick has been hit with a criminal mischief charge. Eventually all charges on both parties were dropped, but Erick started to embark on another endeavor: find out as much as they can about those that protest them and put the info on blast on Stormfront. He is joined by others in this who feel they need to do so in the name of protecting themselves, and they have included those that weren't even in Morristown that day, let alone involved in the incident. In other words, they were trying to do what we do, which if you know our history, started after some of them were already doing it, so all of this has now come full circle!

So now we don't feel bad when we tell you all the interesting things beyond Morristown that we know about Mr. Weigel. He was born and raised in Morris County, New Jersey, and has even lived for six years in Newark while he was going to college at Rutgers. Somewhere around 2002 he and his family moved to Belvidere, NJ the county seat of Warren County, NJ that ironically is surrounded by the aptly named White Township, NJ which boasts a 96.35% white population, according to census data. Belvidere does it a few percentage points better for Erick at 98.02%. He has pointed this out as the reason why he moved there. "I did this primarily to remove my family from the social and cultural rot that is spreading through the state," he wrote on Stormfront. This situation was very real and obvious in my eyes. The school systems have be infiltrated and poisoned with the concepts "multiculturism" and other political agendas. It obvious to any parent who cares about such things."

Erick Weigel adjusts a camera just before a Mother's Day Weekend 2006 conference at the J.O.U.A.M. Hall in Elmwood Park, NJ, their regular meeting place at the time - until antifa pressuse closed them out. He is flanked by then-National Vanguard members John Law (now deceased) in the sunglasses and Larry Darby who was running for Attorney General of Alabama at the time (he lost) and partially hidden by Prussian Blue's mother April Gaede in the foreground. The plywood leaning on the car is covering the license plate. You might find it listed along with the article on this meeting.

So from his little Belvidere oASSis, he sits on his computer with his two Dobermans Heidi and Chancellor Max (probably named for Max von Baden, the German leader who negotiated Armistice, ending World War I) by his side, and spends a lot of time posting on Stormfront. For the most part he is talking trash on anyone who is not white, especially Hispanics (You know you have issues when Dora the Explorer is a threat to you!) and, in his words "the rotten Jew" ("I prefer the term 'rotten Jew'. That's the way I was raised (Thank GOD!)."). One of those posts two years ago was him crying about going to a grade school holiday performance and seeing everyone singing to the Chanukah songs! It's the kind of thing that makes folks go "It's a school performance, you prick! Get over yourself!" Thing is, he wrote this in 2005, the same year that Bill O'Reilly and the late, unlamented Jerry Falwell started complaining about a "war on Christmas", so along comes Erick sounding like a neo-Nazi patsy for those two when he complains, "(I)t seems that the trend in New Jersey schools is to minimize Christmas and such and promote Hanukah and non-Christian holidays." Later he goes on to complain about a winery down the road from his house having a black Nativity scene erected on their property. Well he should have been happy. They were MAXIMIZING Christmas!

We also guess that he is not buying any Barbie dolls for Christmas presents either. "Barbie was created by a Jew, hence she IS a Jew," he once wrote. Online. For everyone to see. Erick, we are sure there is some sort of treatment you can take for your obsessive disorder.

There is another issue he is passionate about: illicit drugs. Erick has posted numerous times on Stormfront a convoluted position on if drugs should be legal and should white people use them. "I'm a firm believer that the prohibition of anything (substance use) never works to solve the problem," he posted in January 2006, calling the issue a "touchy subject". "It just drives it deeper underground and makes it harder to do anything about. The problem itself needs to be eliminated. Drug abuse is just a symptom of the problem. People for millenia have found it necessary to intoxicate themselves. Why? Who knows. I certainly don't. It has to be for more than just fun." In a July 2006 post, he was warning people to stay away from drugs. "You run a high risk of being no good to yourself and therefore anyone else (Your Family and Race) if you are engaged in active addiction."

Two months later, the "touchy subject" came up again, and he was a little annoyed by that. "Just remember, if you woke up to realize The System is lying to you about the rotten jews and the whole race issue, don't you think they are probably lying to you about other things, like drugs and 'The War on Drugs'." he wrote. "This is not an advocacy of drug use/abuse, it's just a general statement." Then in June of 2007, he was back on his routine that drugs were a symptom of greater problems in society. "Solve the social problems that cause people to turn to substance abuse and the problem will be greatly reduced," he wrote. "Until then, people will always seek to escape the doldrums of a sick society through intoxication. Whether it be through the use of alcohol, heroin, or methamphetamine."

We don't need to tell you where we are going with this, do we?

It turns out that Erick and Joyce know a lot about drugs. According to records, Erick was nabbed in January 2003 on a drug possession charge in Morris County, NJ that earned him four months probation. He and Joyce caught another charge in May of that year, but they were both dismissed. In April 2004, they were both popped again on drug charges in Essex County, NJ. That netted him two days in jail and six months probation. Joyce was already in trouble on a drug charge a few weeks earlier. Add this one to the mix and she ended up with a day in jail, one year probation, and her license suspended. Besides those arrests. Joyce saw charges in October, 2002, but they were dismissed. That doesn't mean she is keeping herself out of trouble though. In July of 2012, she got herself in a fender bender and ended up getting arrested for driving under the influence. At press time, the case status is not known.

Gee, what part of illegal didn't they understand?

Now Stormfront isn't his only gig. He has been on other boards as well, both WP and general discussion boards. We even found some posts from him on the forums of as well. There he's under the name "Ghost_of_Hakim" but he still signs his posts "Erick_K_W". While there, he makes stupid posts like how it has been "proven" that white people were the first people everywhere around the world and that old fossils found where whites were never known to be have proven to be that of Caucasians. Oh, it is here where he makes it clear in his signature that he is not a Nazi. "The popular term is Neo-Nazi, it says. "Nazis were from 1920-1945 Germany, I'm an American." In other words, he's a Neo-Nazi. He has been banned there before, now they keep him around as the forum pet Nazi. Oh excuse us, pet Neo-Nazi! He hasn't posted since April 2007 however.

When he is not doing his hate thing either with Stormfront or that gaggle from J.O.U.A.M. Hall, he reportedly works as a chemical engineer at a place called Anchor Concrete Products in Phillipsburg, NJ. There is a record on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listing an "Erick Weigel" as the "general contact" person for his company. As we noted earlier, he has had issues with people calling him out for his racism at the job. Take this account for example, taken from the same post we got the first quote we noted:

"Someone else's post about a job, reminded me of a crappy situation at work today.

Basically, I'm a supervisor in a manufacturing facility. We have ALOT of the 'can family working for 'us' (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc.) Many of them are illegal.

By illegal, I am referring to two different types. The first is an outright illegal with no legit paperwork and has to be hired through a temp service to protect the company. The second is illegal, but had enough cash to get an 'identity' and get hired directly (better pay, benefits). I think only 1, yes 1 of the 3 dozen or so mestizos is legal for real."

Freeze. In case you hadn't noticed, Erick just said that the Hispanics that work at his company came legit. How does he know that they falsified papers or the temp service is employing undocumented workers? Let us continue:

"Well, any-hoo, I caught a lazy SOB lying down on a conveyor at break time. Bottom line: safety violation. I wrote him up and sent him home for the day (lost 6 hrs), next time fired. He was locked out, imagine that.

This occurred in another 'department' where the supervisor LOVES these guys, mainly because he can push them around and overwork them Supervisors have authority of enforcement in other departments when they observe a 'problem'. He wasn't too happy.

Well today, before I got in, the supervisor, his lead man (mestizo), and the employee (another mestizo) went to the owner/general manager and said I was singling him out because he was a Mexican and I am a racist!

I was pissed! My politics and beliefs NEVER enter directly into the workplace. I'm a professional.

It all got worked out, but this crap happens constantly. Anytime Erick_K_W does his job with regard to these 'employees' he has to worry about his job getting yanked out from under him due to discrimination."

Now let's be real: We don't know the whole story. All we have here is Erick's account and we most certainly are not going to trust that! We are willing to bet any amount of money that Erick left something out. If anything it would be worth looking into. We can most definitely say that he has a hard time keeping what he's about to himself, as this account of his time at a NJ State Fair in 2006 suggests:

"Went again today. Only one day left.

Much different experience!

A lot of Mestizos and Negroes. This is probably due to the fact that it has essentially been reduced to a common 'carnival' now. Most of the Livestock events were over. There was a tractor event.

A good part of the 'security' force was brown also!

I don't know what happened, it was like that last week.

One thing though happened that was potentially a bad scene:

I did not bring fliers this time ("this time"?-OPP), but I DID have a Life Rune pin on (a/k/a the National Alliance logo-OPP). I wore it just in case. Who knows. I was hoping for conversation or maybe running into a friendly. Well, not a problem right? WRONG!

There happen to be two ARA (Anti-Racist Action) troglodytes (that is actually a compliment, more like ghouls) that happened to be 'carnies' How did I know they were affiliated with ARA? They had friggin' shirts on!

I wish I had my camera! They were . . . well . . .disgusting. One had a security badge. BTW, they were both White in appearance.

When I walked past them the guy said, "F***ing racist". (I have three children with me). I stopped in my tracks, turned around and walked up to him and got in his face.

I said to him, "You better back off right now or I sue both of you and this events organizers for intimidating and terrorizing my children. And that's after I knock you God D*** teeth down your throats!"

He didn't know what to say! So he walked away!

It figures ARA people are Carnies!"

To date, we have not heard anything that would confirm this actually happened, and it has since been forgotten.

Erick Weigel at MusikfestAs of 2010, when this entry was updated. Weigel has found another group to do his thing in: The American Third Position (A3P). This is a pseudo-political party that started over the past year that is trying to be like the British National Party (BNP). They are pulling a lot from the old membership of the National Alliance and paleoconservative circles, and that's where Weigel is at. A3P noted on their website that their Pennsylvania and New Jersey members were at at a two-week event in Bethlehem, PA called Musikfest that brings out a rather mixed group of musicians and fans from all over the area. And some of those attending might have ended up with some flyers from a racist organization shoved in their hand. "Party members distributed hundreds of our “American Jobs for American Workers” flier to a very large crowd of curious and receptive Americans that are looking for answers to the problems they are facing," A3P wrote on their website, which prominently showed Weigel with the flyer. They didn't say that people were receptive. Maybe that's because although, as A3P notes on their website, Bethlehem is 78% white, perhaps those white people and their non-white friends were more interested in Kinobe & Soul Beat Africa, ReggaeInfinity and Karen Rodriguez & Latin Jazz Ensemble than some band of idiots who can't even sing, let alone promote bullshit messages.

After President Obama was reelected, the right was really feeling down and miserable, and calls to be more radical started being echoed. This is what Weigel seized upon when the NJ/PA chapter of Council of Conservative Citizens hosted an appearance by Canadian fascist Paul Fromm on Dec. 7, 2012 somewhere in or around Philadelphia, PA. Now representing that chapter, Weigel thought it necessary to dissuade a misconception about the group because of its name. He did this by reading a 1971 essay by William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance titled “Why Conservatives Can’t Win” which called for and championed some mythical “new revolutionary force” of young people that were supposed to advance the cause of white supremacy. Weigel got a round of applause when he finished off with this:

“They know that the time is long past when the conservative rhetoric or conservative votes might have saved the day. They understand that America's salvation must now come from young men and women of revolutionary spirit and outlook who are through talking and voting and are instead working toward the day when they can seize the true enemies of our people by the hair of their heads and slit their throats.” 

Damn right, we are going to provide the video!

And this is how Weigel saunters on, apparently. Despite reportedly having some domestic issues that home that had been rumored in the past (which probably are moot since his wife Joyce died in April 2015), not to mention those issues that aren't just rumors, he still thinks he can tell society what they are supposed to be about. Judging from everything that he is to begin with, it is safe to say that the greater society has a better idea of that than him. He best rethink that slitting throats thing though, lest he learn that the hard way.