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Luther CampbellHey Luke, how do you think the Nation of Islam is going to react when they hear you are saying that building a mosque in Ground Zero is like the KKK building something in Miami. Think they are going to make their security team the Fruit of Islam available to you for your events and other productions? 2 Live Crew has always sucked. Their raps sucked, their beats sucked, their outlook on life sucked. They were just fortunate enough to get swept up in the Christian fundamentalist fervor to silence people who said the wrong things, in their case dirty lyrics. They were the Rev. Terry Jones of their day, getting loads of media attention they did not deserve, all because everyone felt it was important to defend their First Amendment rights. And why? Because if their rights are in jeoprady, everyone's rights are as well. Well, years after milking that cow dry and 2 Live Crew's quiet demise, Luke found another gravy train to hook onto: joining with whom he once refered to as "right wing jerks" and work to violate the same First Amendment rights that people came out to defend on his behalf. Hey, we knew he was a snake when he first came around. We just didn't think it would take this long for him to bite us. Thing is, this is just straight-up pandering for attention, and he is going to be bitten back for this, count on it.


Hip Hop DX

Rapper and former 2 Live Crew member Luther “Luke” Campbell is just one of many people who have shared their thoughts on a possible mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. The rapper recently shared his thoughts in a blog entry for

“I don't care how anyone tries to spin it; the people behind the mosque are using our kindness as a weakness,” Luke explained in his blog last week. “You'll never see the Ku Klux Klan try to put up a building in the heart of Liberty City.”

Luke even called out President Obama in his blog for approving of the placement of the mosque near Ground Zero.

“President Obama was dead-ass wrong when he said he was OK with the $100 million development,” said Luke. “He took the middle-of-the-road approach when he said we have to tolerate other religious views in a free country. I am not with that. Hell, no.”

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