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Over the weekend, if you were at either the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis or the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, you were really looking forward to the week to come. That's because you knew that all the missteps and confrontations that made up the drama and comedy taking place did not make the GOP look good. Let's start with the RightOnline conference, which is always held in the same city and time every year as the larger Netroots Nation conference. When Andrew Breitbart tried to enter the conference... .




By the way, Breitbart is dodging a question about a guy who Netroots Nation attendees say claimed to work for Breitbart approaching two women wearing Muslim garb at RightOnline asking why they were dressed like that "in America". That later prompted a flash mob at RightOnline by women wearing Muslim garb to protest the incident. Now we don't know if the person actually said they worked from Breitbart, but we know from experience that they are often too cowardly to admit that in public. In fact as this next video shows, they really don't like talking about themselves all that much. James O'Keefe was also there, and unfortnately for him, the hotel RightOnline was held was also one that the Netroots attendees were staying. This was a lesson on how this conservative crowd operates: Dodge questions, turn every valid question into a form of persecution, and have some friends nearby to interrupt when you are too cowardly to answer any questions.

And then there was presidential candidate Herman Cain, who spoke at RightOnline and couldn't take it when someone called him out on his bigotry against Muslims. He didn't take it well.

The Republican Leadership Conference had another faux pas: Barack Obama impersonator telling black jokes. We don't know where impersonator Reggie Brown's political leanings are (he has appeared on Fox News, Jimmy Kimmel and MTV), but we do know that when you do the kind of jokes he did to the crowd he was in front of it's not good. It was also bad timing too. He came out to the song "Born in the USA" which was an obvious reference to the whole birther thing, but really, really bad given that a few hours later, Clarence Clemons of the Bruce Springsteen's E Street band - who recorded that song - died at the age of 69. And the worst of it: the impersonator, after all the racist and one VERY homophobic shot at Rep. Barney Frank, was yanked only after he started zinging on the GOP presidential candidates - the only jokes they booed and groaned over. Yes, they were that shallow!

All this must make the folks at Youth for Western Civilization happy that they only had 30 people at their first-ever conference at the Leadership Institute building in Arlington, VA. Unfortunately for them, their white supremacist ties aren't going to help them build beyond that, especially since the local media decided to do a story about them.

Special thanks to all the morons on the right who made this weekend soooooo special!

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Matt Koehl, Rot In Hell!


This guy died forgotten, and it is fitting that's the case as he ran the notorious  American Nazi Party after its  founder and leader George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own people in an Arlington, VA strip mall parking lot in 1967. Matt Koehl took over the leadership and changed the name to the National Socialist White Peoples Party. He kept the group going for about ten years, moving from Rockwell's infamous “House on Hatemonger Hill” now torn down and the property a part of a neighborhood park, to an office building, which is now the home of a coffeehouse. Soon infighting caused the organization to break up – one of the factions going on to form the National Alliance – and Koehl left Arlington to Wisconsin and Michigan where he got into the ecological Nazi writer Savitri Devi and then turning the group into a quiet "Esoteric Hitler" cult called the New Order (not to be confused with the band of the same name. This group still maintains a mailbox in Milwaukee and a website where Koehl gave regular commentary, the last one a lamentation about how border security makes no sense since all these people of color are already here. “Since the United States has now become a nondescript, hodgepodge, multiracial construct, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the United States is able to control its borders,” he wrote. “All of that is meaningless.” This is one of those times we wish he was still with us – just so he can see just how much of a lost cause his life's work truly was!


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