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Jeff SchoepPoor Jeff Schoep. The damage control he is in now that his National Socialist Movement business must be one hell of a daunting task if he is still calling out race-mixing after being exposed as a race-mixer!

One People's Project

An interview with National Socialist leader Jeff Schoep was published Tuesday where, among other things, he has described race-mixing as an “abomination”, despite the fact that his wife of the past four years is part Syrian with a biracial child from a previous relationship.

Schoep granted the interview to the blog “From the G-Man”, authored by Gary Glennell Toms, a black independent journalist from Long Island, NY. In the interview, Schoep makes analogies of interracial couplings to that of mixing breeds of dogs, suggesting that pure breed dogs are favored moreso. “If you mix the races, you create a mongrel, and that child's bloodline is destroyed to the point where and he or she cannot really identify with either race,” he said. “It is a selfish and horrible thing for any parent to consider doing to a child.”

Schoep is currently in the midst of a divorce from his wife of four years, Johanna after he admitted to her that he had a new girlfriend, fetish model Cami Lynn Debolt. Several weeks ago, Johanna confirmed to One People’s Project that she self-identifies as Arabic, due to her quarter Syrian lineage, and also that she has had a biracial child from relationship with a black man that lived in the home she and Jeff shared. Despite this, Schoep has denied knowing of Johanna’s lineage or of her child, in a statement he released when this info came out. “I started checking into some things people had told me about her, my own stubbornness, or perhaps naivety, had blinded me from seeing things I should have picked up on, but did not,” he wrote. “ After I started checking on things, I found out that Joanna had hidden more from me than I could ever imagine, in fact a whole life, past husband/child, etc that I was unaware of. I felt like a freak on the Jerry Springer show, except in real life!” Because photos of him with Johanna and her daughter have been released over a year ago by neo-Nazi rivals, Schoep’s statement has been rejected in the following weeks.

Although the article was published two days ago, it is not known when the interview was actually conducted.

“From the G-Man” interview with Jeff Schoep

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Matt Koehl, Rot In Hell!


This guy died forgotten, and it is fitting that's the case as he ran the notorious  American Nazi Party after its  founder and leader George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own people in an Arlington, VA strip mall parking lot in 1967. Matt Koehl took over the leadership and changed the name to the National Socialist White Peoples Party. He kept the group going for about ten years, moving from Rockwell's infamous “House on Hatemonger Hill” now torn down and the property a part of a neighborhood park, to an office building, which is now the home of a coffeehouse. Soon infighting caused the organization to break up – one of the factions going on to form the National Alliance – and Koehl left Arlington to Wisconsin and Michigan where he got into the ecological Nazi writer Savitri Devi and then turning the group into a quiet "Esoteric Hitler" cult called the New Order (not to be confused with the band of the same name. This group still maintains a mailbox in Milwaukee and a website where Koehl gave regular commentary, the last one a lamentation about how border security makes no sense since all these people of color are already here. “Since the United States has now become a nondescript, hodgepodge, multiracial construct, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the United States is able to control its borders,” he wrote. “All of that is meaningless.” This is one of those times we wish he was still with us – just so he can see just how much of a lost cause his life's work truly was!


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