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Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 07:00pm - 11:00pm
by One People's ProjectHits : 633

Jared Taylor is apparently feeling his oats because now he is going to speak at Texas A&M on Oct. 23, but given how he presented the prospect of a White Student Union at Towson University earlier this month, he comes off as pretty damned hypocritical. At Towson, he promoted the formation of a White Student Union there because to him it is only fair, given that other ethnically-based student groups are there as well and the school position on diversity should include the kind that allows a group on campus that whines about diversity all the time. At Texas A&M, he and the person bringing him there, white supremacist Preston Wiginton, are pissed because of a report that recognizes the growing enrollment of people of color at the university and adresses the need to help their students of all races, cultures and ethnicities to compete in an rapidly growing diverse society. In Taylorspeak, this becomes "ongoing efforts to displace white Texans at the university", and he is going there to whine about how diversity is soooooo wrong, just like he did at Towson as he encouraged them to embrace his version of it. So to answer the question posed to him there, it does indeed seem that he has a fear of a Black planet! Sucks to be him. This event is open to the public, and if there is a good number of people of color there, make sure he is asked about his position that blacks are genetically inferior to whites. He apparently doesn't like that.

Location : Memorial Student Center, room 2300 D Texas A&M University


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Matt Koehl, Rot In Hell!


This guy died forgotten, and it is fitting that's the case as he ran the notorious  American Nazi Party after its  founder and leader George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own people in an Arlington, VA strip mall parking lot in 1967. Matt Koehl took over the leadership and changed the name to the National Socialist White Peoples Party. He kept the group going for about ten years, moving from Rockwell's infamous “House on Hatemonger Hill” now torn down and the property a part of a neighborhood park, to an office building, which is now the home of a coffeehouse. Soon infighting caused the organization to break up – one of the factions going on to form the National Alliance – and Koehl left Arlington to Wisconsin and Michigan where he got into the ecological Nazi writer Savitri Devi and then turning the group into a quiet "Esoteric Hitler" cult called the New Order (not to be confused with the band of the same name. This group still maintains a mailbox in Milwaukee and a website where Koehl gave regular commentary, the last one a lamentation about how border security makes no sense since all these people of color are already here. “Since the United States has now become a nondescript, hodgepodge, multiracial construct, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the United States is able to control its borders,” he wrote. “All of that is meaningless.” This is one of those times we wish he was still with us – just so he can see just how much of a lost cause his life's work truly was!


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